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freedom. it's a topic you spent time on. >> guest: thank you. the union is an arm of the u.n., has a long history going back into the 19th century. there was a big treaty negotiation in dubai in december, this past december, where, for the first time, the itu claimed control over the operation content in economics of the internet through definition changes in the treaty, and it was a divided vote. about 40% of the countries that showed up for the vote did not sign on to the treaty. 55 countries did not plan on, 89 signed on to the treaty, and 49 countries didn't show up to the treaty negotiations. now, the countries have until january 1st of 20 # 15 to sign on. in the meantime, there's a bigger, really sort of constitutional convention that will go on in korea in no -- november of 2014. between now and then is a crucial time for the u.s. and foreign policy because there are steps in many international meetings across the globe that happen in 2014 that shape that treaty outcome. it's constitutional convention literally from the icu to elect a new secretary general. by rewriting the constit
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1